Just another manic Sunday

In a perfect world Sunday nights would include a relaxed evening meal, talk about the weekend and week to come, baths, books and bed. I would have the backpacks hanging on their respective hooks and hubby's work bag near the door. My home desk would be orderly and ready for work in the morning.

My reality is making a salad after the main dinner is already served because I can never figure out what I should eat (I have food issues). The three year old complaining that the food is "too spicy" and he doesn't like any of it and decides to get up and circle the dog in an attempt to satiate his need to constantly be in motion while simultaneously not listening. The ten year old who demands her brother stop bothering the dog and sit down, she can't NOT scold him, she feels a loss of control which, if she would just listen to me, she would realise she's right, she doesn't have any control. "Let it go and let Mom and Dad be the parents" (who are also not in control!)

After we hectically ingest our food it's back to the computer for me, catching up on work and pushing my blog on more platforms than I cared to know about. Filling out online sign-up forms and adding to the list of passwords that I will never remember. I think I "Tweeted." I am "Following" people I do not know (I'm hoping that isn't code for "stalking") and I am pretty sure I gave permission for Bloglovin' to help themselves to one of my organs if I did not reach 75,000 likes in 30 days. 

I walked the dog and carried poo in a biodegradable bag, I even collected poo that may not have been that of my own dogs (so I guess I did a good deed for the day.) I did zero laundry. I barely kept the fire going. I took my morning meds too late and took my night meds too early. The son is asleep. The daughter keeps making excuses to see what else is on the Oscars, and with every prompt to get back to bed she performs her own Oscar-worthy performance, stomping back into her room and throwing herself on her bed in tears at the injustice. Husband is sleeping like someone who enjoyed his Saturday night. And I, in typical "me" fashion, have been trying to write my blog and watch the Oscars, just proving to myself that it really is NOT possible to multitask. Not on a Sunday. Not with this head. And not with the Oscars on!!!!!!

Now to see what Monday shall bring...


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