I haven't written in a few days, and I'm not too happy with myself. The thing is, this is something that I always worry about when it comes to something I want to commit to daily. I know it's no big deal to other people, it's not like I have a huge fan base, however I let myself down when I don't stick to a goal. It's pretty hard to get me to commit to something because of my fear of failure. My fear of breaking the commitment. It's like if I agree to do it I am setting myself up for failure. I guess I have to look at it in a different way. A few days off is no big deal and the cool thing about a blog is I could write three posts in a day to catch up. I have my reasons for not blogging the last few nights, med changes, emotional crap, just exhausted. I need to let myself off the hook and say "no big deal, when you are up to it you'll pick it up again." I am not feeling it tonight. No sass, so spunk, but I did feel like I wanted to get a post done to at least say I did it. And so this is it for tonight and maybe tomorrow I will have more in me. That's the best I can do for now and I will accept that and call it a night!  :)


  1. Lots of bloggers only blog two or three times a week. Not to worry! But I know what you mean about goal-setting. I'm a goal-setter, too! Have a day!


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