So, my psychiatrist asked me why I missed my Mother so much...um, because she's DEAD!

I would have come back with a sassier remark but I was too busy pinching myself to see if this was yet another nightmare! Apparently he doesn't have a close relationship with his Mother. Maybe she is his MOTHER to her NORMAN?!?!

I realize he is basically just my drug dealer so I shouldn't be surprised by his abrupt cluelessness, but damn.

Then after asking me how I am doing he concluded that "you want to go into hibernation." Is that in the DSM 5? Is there a pill for that? Apparently YES! I am now going to try a "small dose" of a stimulant. So basically I take a pill to wake up and a pill to go to sleep. The way I am now I'm afraid they will be taken within an hour of each other! Stay tuned for future post on that!

Then we got into a bit of a conversation about religion where he deduced that all the conflict really came down to the ideology of one sex or another, male or female Gods...another hint at the Oedipus pattern....

So, lesson one: don't go to your psychiatrist on Friday, go on Monday, Monday's already SUCK!
And lesson two: ...I honestly don't think there is another lesson.

Happy Friday!

...Oh, one more thing that stood out. I said that being a woman was a cruel fate and he said "Being born is a cruel fate!" Just chew on that for a while!!!! This man prescribes my meds!


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