It's SPRING Dammit!! WE WILL BE HAPPPY!!!!!!!

It's SPRING Dammit!! WE WILL BE HAPPPY!!!!!!!

So, obviously many local bakeries now have some STIFF competition! 

Moments of Madness Happy Confections sponsored by Pfizer and Kraken Rum are ready for your orders!

While I am confident I will get customers coming out of the woodwork I fear my chances of obtaining a storefront might be difficult at best. Wish me luck!

Easter Bunny might not make it anywhere else after he hits our house so fingers crossed he gets to everyone else first!

(So, this is what happens when I am in the kitchen putting cupcakes away and see my prescription bag on the counter...As some brilliant and funny person said to me today "My mind is a dangerous neighborhood." Do I have that correct, person who shall remain nameless?)

And yes, I put the medications away in a safe place out of reach of children, the rum too, and covered the cupcakes. This was solely for humor and not to be taken out of context. Just feeling a bit sassy...a good sign for me! 


  1. "My mind remains a bad neighborhood that I try not to go into alone" - Anne Lamott on meditation practice. xox!

  2. Hey there's a little shop up the street fort sale...:) A place to peddle your products!


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