The Talk, Missing Shovels and Tweens on Sleepovers

I had "the talk" with my son today. We were sitting on a bench in the yard, the dog stuffing his face in the snow, T is eating the chunks of frozen snow off his mittens and I say "You know, you should never eat brown snow, do you know why?" he says "Chocolate?" I say "NO! It's poop!" He looks up at me a little surprised, but then with that adorable little three-year-old, rosy-cheeked, wide smile and blueberry eyes and says  "Brown snow is poop." Then I say "And you should also not eat yellow snow, do you know why?" And he says without hesitation "It's pee!" With a big smile on his face, still eating the white chunks of snow off his mitten. We sit for a while longer, talk a little and he says he's cold. We decide to head in and he wants to be the leader, but he stops dead in his tracks and says "Is there any brown snow?" In a very concerned voice! We were in the clear and he lead us safely to the house.

Earlier we were in the driveway, I was shoveling and he was digging for Icebergs near the garage, which he found! He couldn't help shovel because before we had 20" of snow in our yard his sister decided to play with the other shovels and not take them back with her to the house. They are somewhere buried in between the soccer goals, under one of the three layers of snow from three different storms. I tried to get her to look for them one morning when I was so pissed, I needed one to help Steve clear the driveway and when I found out they were buried in the yard at 7:30 in the morning, while another storm was upon us, I sent her from the warmth of the couch out into the cold to dig for shovels (ironic I know ;). Needless to say she didn't find them and we probably won't see them until Spring, or at this rate beginning of summer when the snow finally melts!

Tonight said sister is on a sleepover which I am over the moon about. She has only been on one other sleepover outside family. She packed enough for a week of sleep-away camp. I was elated to see how happy she was, and nervous that she might want to come home in the middle of the night like I used to do. I gave her the run down of what was expected of her, be polite, please and thank you. Clean up after yourself and don't drink water after 8 p.m. Even though she is ten this has been an issue until recently.

I got a call around 8:30 p.m. letting me know she was having fun, was being good and had just brushed her teeth. "But Mom, my mouth and throat are SO DRY because of course you said I couldn't drink anything after 8!" "Well Z, I only said that for..." "...I know, I know, my own good!" This kid knows EVERYTHING. At ten I am pretty sure, no positive, I would never have interrupted my Mother or Father and I would have never said something so sassy.

I have to admit, I was not sad dropping her off, but of course her general presence is missed. At the same time, I'm doing a sort of count down like when my parents went on vacation, only on the flip side, T-minus 14 hours until I am being sassed and considered embarrassingly UNCOOL!

I do love these  kids!



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